Who we are

We are Wafri Connect. A company built on the core values of trust, integrity, honesty and oneness focussing on connecting African communities to the Global village. We believe that we are the answer to the renaissance of the African continent in the digital space.

What we intend to Achieve

Having a world where People can transact, communicate and trade easily, while availing affordable world class education through our innovative products and services.

Our Goal

Completely revolutionize digital payments by providing an infrastructure that is designed for payments and cross border trade.

Why we do what we

It's us to do it , for the better future of Africa. We Believe Africans Can Make Africa Better. From Africa to the world

Target Market


Institutional investors


How we intend to achieve our Goal

Wafri connect has a gigantic task ahead of us and to achieve that we have come up with our token Wafri. We are issuing 1,000,000,000 tokens to Individuals, Institutional investors and Governments in an ICO that will run for 24 months. The token is from Africa to the world. We have a robust marketing plan designed to empower everyone in our ecosystem.


Wafri is a token set to bring usability of cryptocurrency to a whole new level. Its engineered on a proof of stake consensus algorithm to power payments and revolutionize digital transactions. The genius behind Wafri is the ease of use without compromising security.

Token Distribution

MLM compensation plan

Wafri MLM compensation plan is designed to give everyone a chance to win. With well designed packages meant to cater for all the demographics.It’s a Matrix unilevel compensation plan that has the following streams of income.

  1. Level Commission
  2. Sponsor Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. Rank Rewards

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonus 10%

Matching Bonus

A user who purchased a package will get a percentage of the Referral bonus and Sponsor bonus earned by the downline users up to 3 generations of the Unilevel tree based on the generations of the Unilevel tree such as follows:

  • 1st Generation - 6%
  • 2nd Generation - 4%
  • 3rd Generation - 2%

Level Commission

  • 1st Generation - 5%
  • 2nd Generation - 3%
  • 3rd Generation - 2%
  • 4th Generation - 2%
  • 5th Generation - 2%
  • 6th Generation - 1%
  • 7th Generation - 1%
  • 8th Generation - 1%


  • Basic - 25 USD (25 BV)
  • Star - 50 USD (50 BV)
  • Starter - 100 USD (100 BV)
  • Booster - 250 USD (250 BV)
  • Explorer - 500 USD (500 BV)
  • Advance - 1000 USD (1000 BV)
  • Expert - 2500 USD (2500 BV)
  • Prime - 5000 USD (5000 BV)
  • Master - 10,000 USD (10,000 BV)
  • Investor - 25,000 USD (25,000 BV)
  • Landlord - 50,000 USD (50,000 BV)
  • Tycoon - 100,000 USD (100,000 BV)

Ranks & Awards

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