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Until you take charge of your dreams and ambitions, you’ll always live in the constant fear of your dreams not coming true. Wafri Connect provides individuals with the initiative to take charge of their dreams, visions and missions. Our projects are designed to help you make it happen. There are no limitations on how big you can dream with WAFRI CONNECT. It all depends on you. But with us, you can be connected to the right and great dreamers, people who have made things a reality. Join WAFRI CONNECT and let your dreams come true.


Have you ever thought of owning a Digital Asset? And did you know that you can create wealth using our digital platforms by simply acquiring some of our Digital products.

Wafri Connect gives you an opportunity to create a fortune by just acquiring our digital asset wafricoin. Wafricoin’s primary goal is to become the most usable digital currency in Africa. Helping the unbanked to be banked. We believe the Wafricoin value will shoot very high and many will hugely benefit from the value appreciation hence leaving many with great wealth. Acquire your Wafricoins today and be part of the community building the biggest usable cryptocurrency in Africa.

Take charge of Finances

About Us

Have you been looking for ways to scale your income? Do you want to own an affordable asset that can help you make money even while you sleep? Or have you been scouring the net for the perfect and easiest way to earn passive income? If you answered yes to those questions, Wafri Connect is what you need!

Who we are?

Wafri Connect is an African-based company built on the core values of trust, integrity, honesty and unity. At Wafri connect, our major focus is to connect African communities to the global village. Our products and services are designed to make transactions, communication, and trade an easy and convenient process.

Wafri Connect has the African community at heart. This is evident in our pursuit to completely revolutionize digital payments by providing this community with an infrastructure designed for payments and cross-border trade.

Founded in the year (input date), Wafri Connect remains an ardent believer in the renaissance of the African continent in the digital space, and we strongly believe that we have what it takes to achieve this.

What we do

We help individuals take charge of their financial life, and we also provide them with an effective platform for conducting transactions and cross-border trade. Our products and services, which ranges from Wafri Coins, Wafri Card, Wafri Pay and Wafri Academy, are designed to help you:

Make money with ease and achieve your financial goals.

Increase your knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Make transaction and cross-border trade.

Spend major cryptocurrencies, including our Wafri coin.

What we do at Wafri connect is unique. Our project is indeed one of the next big things in Africa. And for this reason, you don't want to be left behind!

Leveraging our Wafri coin, including our MLM compensation, will be one of the best choices you'll ever make. And guess what? There are no complex requirements or tasks. In fact, you can make money while working in your normal job! All it takes is to buy our Wafri coin or engage in the MLM compensation plan.

Our Customers/ Clients

Our customer ranges from individuals who want to augment their income and take charge of their finances. In addition, our products are designed for institutional investors and various governments worldwide who wish to leverage our innovative products and services.

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