Take Charge of Your Dreams With WAFRICONNECT!

Until you take charge of your dreams and ambitions, you’ll always live in the constant fear of your dreams not coming true. Wafri Connect provides individuals with the initiative to take charge of their dreams, visions and missions. Our projects are designed to help you make it happen. There are no limitations on how big you can dream with WAFRI CONNECT. It all depends on you. But with us, you can be connected to the right and great dreamers, people who have made things a reality. Join WAFRI CONNECT and let your dreams come true.

Making money has never been easier with Wafri Coins.

Have you ever thought of owning an asset that brings you money even while you sleep? That is what you stand to gain from our Wafri Coins. Just like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Wafri Coins has the potential to appreciate over time. And when it does, you’ll be richer than you were, depending on how many Wafri Coins you purchased.

Making money has never been easier with the Wafri Coins. So, it is left for you to leverage this great opportunity and make money before it is too late! Purchase a Wafri Coins and boost your income!

Take charge of Finances

Make Money via Wafri MLM Opportunity

Our multi-level marketing opportunity is another amazing way to make money with ease. It involves introducing the Wafri Project to your family, friends, colleagues and getting rewarded when they join.

With our MLM compensation plan, no one is left out; everyone has a chance to win big and scale their income. There are packages designed to cater to all demographics. Besides, our MLM opportunity comes with different compensation plans that can help you make good money. These plans include:

Level commission

Sponsor bonus

Matching bonus

Rank rewards

Become a Cryptocurrency Expert with Wafri Academy

Learning about cryptocurrency can be a hassle, especially when you lack access to the right information and platform. Wafri Academy is an online and offline platform/school designed to educate members about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and other related cryptocurrency topics. At Wafri Academy, you'll be learning from various cryptocurrency experts. If you weren't a crypto enthusiast, Wafri academy would urge you to embrace the world of cryptocurrency!

Our Products/ Services

Our products and services range from:

Wafri Coins

Purchase Wafri Coins and make huge returns when it appreciates

Wafri Card

Spend Wafri coin and major cryptocurrency with Wafri Card.

Wafri Pay

Perform transactions using one of the fastest transfer platforms backed by the ever-secure blockchain technology.

Wafri Academy

Delve into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with Wafri Academy.

The products/services mentioned above are what you stand to gain if you choose to partner with us. This is definitely not an offer you want to miss!

About Us

Have you been looking for ways to scale your income? Do you want to own an affordable asset that can help you make money even while you sleep? Or have you been scouring the net for the perfect and easiest way to earn passive income? If you answered yes to those questions, Wafri Connect is what you need!

Who we are?

Wafri Connect is an African-based company built on the core values of trust, integrity, honesty and unity. At Wafri connect, our major focus is to connect African communities to the global village. Our products and services are designed to make transactions, communication, and trade an easy and convenient process.

Wafri Connect has the African community at heart. This is evident in our pursuit to completely revolutionize digital payments by providing this community with an infrastructure designed for payments and cross-border trade.

Founded in the year (input date), Wafri Connect remains an ardent believer in the renaissance of the African continent in the digital space, and we strongly believe that we have what it takes to achieve this.

What we do

We help individuals take charge of their financial life, and we also provide them with an effective platform for conducting transactions and cross-border trade. Our products and services, which ranges from Wafri Coins, Wafri Card, Wafri Pay and Wafri Academy, are designed to help you:

Make money with ease and achieve your financial goals.

Increase your knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Make transaction and cross-border trade.

Spend major cryptocurrencies, including our Wafri coin.

What we do at Wafri connect is unique. Our project is indeed one of the next big things in Africa. And for this reason, you don't want to be left behind!

Leveraging our Wafri coin, including our MLM compensation, will be one of the best choices you'll ever make. And guess what? There are no complex requirements or tasks. In fact, you can make money while working in your normal job! All it takes is to buy our Wafri coin or engage in the MLM compensation plan.

Our Customers/ Clients

Our customer ranges from individuals who want to augment their income and take charge of their finances. In addition, our products are designed for institutional investors and various governments worldwide who wish to leverage our innovative products and services.


Wafri Connect, your best shot at Financial Freedom

Wafri Connect is a unique project that can help you scale your income if embraced. Unlike those get-rich-quick schemes, Wafri connect is legit, and its products and services are regarded as one of the next big things in Africa.

Our products and services are designed for two major things:

To help you make money, even from the comfort of your home.

To completely revolutionize digital payments by providing an infrastructure designed for payments and cross border trade.

In a nutshell, with Wafri connect, individuals can conduct transactions with ease using the Wafri Coins as a currency. This platform makes cross-border payment easy, fast, and seamless.

Do you dream of having multiple streams of income? Our Wafri Coins and MLM compensation can be leveraged to make money!

Wafri Coins

If you have heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., then you have an idea of what our Wafri Coins is. Wafri Coins is a cryptocurrency that can be bought via our MLM system. Just like every other cryptocurrency, the Wafri Coins has the tendency to appreciate over time. And when it does, whoever is lucky to have this coin, will definitely make a cool profit.

Imagine purchasing $500 worth of Wafri Coins, and it appreciates by 50%, which is $250 profit. In that case, you made $250 by doing absolutely nothing but purchasing our token. If you decide to buy more of our token, you will surely earn more when it appreciates. Making good money has never been easier!

Furthermore, the Wafri Coins can be used to initiate transactions. Mind you; this token is engineered on a proof of stake consensus algorithm to power payments and revolutionize digital transactions. The genius behind Wafri is the ease of use without compromising security. If you want a platform where your transactions are secured and easy, the Wafri Coins is what you need!

Wafri Card

Wafri Card is another smart innovation from Wafri connect. Like your normal debit card, a Wafri card can be used to spend major cryptocurrencies, including the Wafri coin. If you are familiar with the cryptocurrency space, you’ll understand the uniqueness of the Wafri card and why this innovation can enhance digital transactions.

Wafri Pay

Like PayPal, Wafri pay is a platform that can be used to transfer money. This innovative platform leverages the ever-secure blockchain technology to facilitate transfers. Wafri pay has the potential to bridge the gap between African communities and the ever-expanding global village!

Wafri Academy

Have you ever considered learning about the world of cryptocurrency but don’t seem to know how? Wafri Academy is an online and offline school that teaches cryptocurrency and blockchain technology courses. This online and offline academy boast of the ideal environment needed to learn. The courses are thought in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

What are you waiting for? Hop in and delve into the fantastic world of cryptocurrency!


Is a Cryptocurrency built on Blockchain technology . Focusing on ease of use without compromising security.

New members can join Wafri Connect using a Referral Link that has been shared by an existing member, or you can register new members manually through your Team building.

Yes , the minimum age of a customer should be 18 years old.

Under the Balance, is where you can find your total balance in Fiat money. This is the place where you can deposit, withdraw, or transfer Fiat money.

Under Coin Balance , you can find your total Wafri Coin balance and check how many of your coins are available to use or in escrow/fixed .Additionally, you can find your transaction history and information related to the dates of your escrowed coins.

Under the Team Building->Manage Network->Add New Member tab you can find all your team members. You can recruit new members by either sharing with them your referral link (click on Copy referral link to copy your personal link) or by adding them manually under your name by clicking on (New Member) and filling out the necessary information regarding the user you would like to add as a new member.

The calculations of commissions are Daily Based. Commissions are paid once there's any activate done that earns you . And they are transferred to your balance. For more info check the compensation plan.

Business Volumes are used to calculate Commissions and Ranks. You can earn Business Volumes by recruiting people under your team.

There are 12 Ranks , and you can unlock each by accumulating required Business Volumes for a particular rank .

Under the Genealogy tab you can keep track of all the members that you have signed up and are under your team. Moreover, you can see the other people your team members’ have signed up under their individual team.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any refunds. Once you buy the products, they are considered yours to use.

Please contact [email protected]

Currently, the available options is Bitcoin. Make sure that you have your address filled correctly under Team building-> Wallets & payout -> Payout preferences. You can perform a withdrawal transaction under the Team building -> Wallets & Payout -> Withdraw. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click Withdraw. You will be asked to confirm the action with your Security Password for security reasons. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 15 USD.

The withdrawal period can last up to 48, depending on the transaction volume on the system.

The withdrawal period can last up to one week, depending on the transaction volume on the system. When you complete the process, our support team will check your documents and if everything is correct, we will verify your account within 2-3 working days.

The verification process usually takes 2-3 working days. If something is wrong with your application, you will get notified by email, explaining why your application was rejected and the steps required to get your application accepted.

If your application gets rejected, it means that there is something wrong with either with your information in your profile or with your personal documents. Please make sure that your profile information match with the ones in your personal documents, the details in your documents are clearly visible and the photos are high quality.

We have implemented the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedure to ensure a safe environment for all our customers. It is of great importance to us to prevent money laundering and to prevent any kind of support to organisations supporting terrorism.

You will be asked to use your Login Password every time you wish to log in to your account or backoffice. The Security password will be used to confirm transactions and change in your profile, it adds an extra level of protection for your account to be more secure.

Every user needs to complete the KYC procedure to verify their accounts. This enables you to make withdraws or to transfer funds among members. Security is our number one priority. All your information will be safely stored in our system.

Once an account has been created, it is not possible to change the Sponsor, the username, or the Location of members in the team structure.

Yes. For security reasons, we require additional information to change your email address. check in profile settings on email change .

For security reasons, we require additional information to change your email address. Check info on Password recovery under my profile settings in your backoffice.

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